7 Things to consider before starting a pre-school.

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Are you ready to open your own preschool? Well, congratulations on that. No matter whatever your reason is, whether you’re a parent or a teacher, arm yourself up. Because, you’ve got a complicated and arduous task ahead of you.

Things to consider before starting a pre-school

Here are 7 things that you must consider before starting a pre-school, which would help you form a right plan and organized management:

  • Build a business plan: This isn’t an easy task to do. Building a business plan is always a challenge. The major factors that you have to look into are the budget plan, organizational plan, marketing plan, staffing operations and much more.
  • Develop and prepare the facility: Here you’ll need different types of insurance depending on location and size of your preschool. You may need general liability insurance, property insurance, professional liability insurance, and workers’ compensation insurance. Apart from this, you should also plan on interiors for preschool like furniture, teacher supplements, education supplements, and focusing on safety requirements such as fire extinguisher, disaster supplies etc.
  • Look into Policy and procedure: Out of your business plan, you need to write out policies, procedures, and handbooks for your staff and families.
  • Staff your center: It takes a big heart to shape a preschool little mind. So choose your staff carefully depending on their educational backgrounds and references, and also conduct criminal background checks and fingerprinting.
  • Prepare a curriculum: Your mission statement should guide your curriculum and program philosophy by providing a learning environment that helps children towards academic success and enhances their skills and knowledge.
  • Market your school and look for applicants: Finally you need to start marketing your school and get an online presence. Participate in the preschool enrollment fair and get it listed under government. Do online marketing to get noticed by your targeted audience. Decide on your curriculum and philosophy as well as on fees and hours.
  • Think of tools and resources for everyday tasks: There are several resources available for preschool in today’s technology. The resources might be an electronic billing system, a device to record and track daily classroom events, parent engagement device etc. So choose on what’s right for your preschool.

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