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A mesmerizing sight of a child who is totally engrossed with a Montessori material

Pink Blocks | Kidken | Bangalore, India

The child who is completely lost in the moment of what they are doing is a mesmerizing and wonderful sight. The child’s attention is easily grabbed by the sound of water, beauty of motion or the spill of the droplets into a glass. In over stimulating society, It feels great to see a child slow down and be entranced by aligning the blocks.

It’s amazing that  100-year-old Montessori materials still holds the child’s interest of current generation. Even if today’s kids are technology driven, it’s the set of red rods of varying length that will occupy the child for 20 minutes solid regularly.

Observing a toddler doing small tasks is a beautiful thing, specifically when you see the confidence and a smile that appear in their face afterwards. Here are few Montessori materials that let them achieve those work and boost up their confidence.

Montessori Materials

  • Quarter balancing beam: This equipment helps the kids to form a balance in the body while climbing on them or walking on them. It is most loved by kids. It is fun to play with.
  • UA Baby tunnel: This is a wonderful addition to any child’s indoor and outdoor play area. It is a place where activities like board games, story time, nap time and also assist your child’s imagination. The tunnel creates a safe environment with meshing, allowing parents to watch over their kids.
  • Water sand table: This is one of the best 2 in 1 product. They can use it as a table when it is closed, and it becomes an ocean of joy when it is open. It combines learning and playing in one set. It develops the imagination power and manual dexterity of kids.
  • Baby dream house: Every kid always has a dream to have a house. The baby dream house is the perfect playhouse for toddlers and young kids. The children would love the fun intricate detailing. It also has a “real” doorbell and a turning key.

Montessori food activities for toddlers

  • Picking herbs: Let your child to gently pull out the herbs of the plant like basil
  • Whisking eggs: While whisking an egg make sure your child is not licking or eating the raw egg.
  • Peeling a banana: This can be a regular practice as we use bananas every day. Just cut the banana into two and let your child peel the banana, this will even improve their concentration.
  • Peeling an egg: It’s a good motor control task that your child will like, teach the child to be gentle while doing so. The egg can also be sliced and eaten as a healthy snack.                           
  • Pulling apart garlic: If your toddler rip and pull the things given, then this is a good activity for him/her to do. It is also a good transferring work. It’s fun and learn together.

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