Tips to start Montessori education at home for your child

Montessori at home

Whether you want to start a homeschool, home daycare or just want to give your child some Montessori oriented activities at home, you can do it yourself by either converting your entire room into a classroom or by just adding one or two shelves.
Montessori method is not only an educational method used in schools. With proper planning and setup, Montessori can be brought home. By applying these principles your child doesn’t necessarily have to go to Montessori.

How to do parenting in Montessori style?

Check these 10 things that you can try at home for your child to apply the Montessori Method:

  1. Spend some time with your child: You need to spend some time with your child. Talk to them, play with them, allow the moment and Know your child at a slow pace.
  2. Listen to your child: Speak and listen to your child. Answer their doubts. Above all, respect the child.
  3. Discovering through experience: Let the child learn through experience and help them discover things themselves. You can search for books in libraries, experiment things or ask an expert.
  4. Motivate your child to follow their dreams: Ask the child what he/she is interested at present and think how you can help them explore more on their interest. This would be helpful to the child both physically and mentally.
  5. Let your child get involved with you: Don’t let your child play with cell phones. The parents should involve the child in their daily chores. For instance, to help you with cooking, doing the laundry, cleaning the table, shopping and many more activities.
  6. Acknowledge your child’s feelings and behaviour:  You need to see things from a child’s perspective. Understand their behaviour and acknowledge their feelings.
  7. Try to make amends for mistakes of your child: Find out the ways to work with your child and solve their problems instead of punishments and rewards. Try to calm them down and amend for their mistakes.
  8. Don’t be judgmental: Observe things objectively. Learn how your child behaves, their social interactions, the way they communicate, and the things that they want to achieve. However, don’t make assumptions and judge your child.
  9. Don’t be their boss: As an adult, we need to guide them than demanding them to do as said or by being slave and do everything they demand. It’s necessary for us to help them as much as needed and as little as possible.
  10. Learn to have patience: We need to prepare ourselves to have patience, to understand what triggered us, and learn to calm when needed.

How to set up a Montessori at your home?

The initial step to set up a Montessori at home is to make some space and make your home more accessible to your kid.

Here are some ideas to start:

  1. Prepare or purchase child-sized table and chair: It’s essential to have a child-sized table and chair for them to sit in a place and work. Moreover, you can even purchase it from us here.
  2. Prepare or Purchase some materials: Look for Montessori materials on our website. You can find wide variety of materials that make it more accessible for the child. In addition, keep those things clean and ready for them to use. Use baskets and trays for activities that your child is involved in. therefore, they can be independent and manage things themselves.
  3. Put yourself in your child’s shoes: After the setup, sit in child space and see things in their perspective, look if there is anything that is not proper or uncomfortable for your child. Shift things if necessary. However, make it more environment-friendly by adding some plants or artwork.
  4. Make it attractive and orderly as possible: Avoid clutter and add fewer activities which are necessary. Arrange things accordingly and make it more orderly. For instance, put those things in box that your child isn’t playing anymore and keep it aside.
  5. Move according to the child’s interest: According to your child’s interest, keep those activities and stock up the remaining. Rotate accordingly, when our child loses his/her interest.

For more information on starting Montessori at home, or for Montessori materials or anything related to Montessori, feel free to contact us.

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