Frequently Asked Questions – PreSchool Setup


  1. What kind of support or Services you would be providing?

Curriculum Related

  • Montessori Materials, Teaching aids, Hands on Materials,
  • Videos for working with the materials
  • Lesson Plans – Day Wise, Week Wise and Month wise
  • Rhymes and Songs
  • Worksheets
  • Workbooks
  • Diary
  • Teacher’s planner
  • Parent’s communicator
  • Assessment reports
  • Software

Set up and Administration Related

  • Assistance in appointment of staff
  • Teacher Training
  • Interior Tips
  • Class set -up
  • Stationery Formats (in soft copy)
  • Furniture
  • Play Equipment
  • Music System
  • Laptop
  • Life time support
  • Marketing (Presentation to parents)
  • Branding Support (Brochure, Logo Designing etc.)

Curriculum Related –

  1. How is your curriculum better than others?

Our curriculum is designed adapting the best practices from Maria Montessori, Howard Gardener’s Multiple Intelligences, Benjamin Bloom’s – Bloom’s Taxonomy and John Dewey’s thematic approach. This would ensure the child gets best of four approaches which in turn leads to the holistic development of the child. The Materials offered are the authentic Montessori materials which are well researched and scientific materials.

  1. Can you help me understand your curriculum?

Our training programme which is designed for 5-7 days would help you get equipped with our approach and methodology ensuring implementation of the curriculum is smooth. Apart, from training you would be provided with a software, loaded with lesson plans, videos, assessments etc. that will help you in training your teachers in the future and any helps you to clarify any doubts that you have.

  1. How do you substantiate your curriculum in terms of how it’s on par with current trend of preschool education?

The curriculum is designed in such a way that the child not only gets the exposure to the various early learning skills and knowledge which are necessary for later learning.

  1. Does your curriculum use technology or gadgets or any such aspects?

Our curriculum uses the current and latest technology like audios, videos etc. For example – The software that we provide for the school is a great resource for the teachers where they could go back for their day-to-day working, connecting to parents, tracking child’s progress, working on the areas that child needs attention on and have the latest up gradation to the current trends happening in the field of education and it also aids in administrative help required for the school.

  1. Are all the materials that are related to the curriculum being given in the package?

Yes all the materials, curriculum, books, worksheets, software are all inter-connected and helps in the overall assessment of the child hence, they all come in together as a package. Some items in the package like furniture and play equipment are optional for more details as per attached Details.

  1. How would you help us in putting forth about the curriculum aspects to parents?

Yes, we would be providing marketing support which would include the aspects that you need to convey to parents. Apart, from this you would also be provided with Parent’s Communicator and Dairy that would help you to connect with parents about your approach and understanding of the curriculum.

  1. How the curriculum will help the child?

The curriculum helps in overall development of the child through various activities of sensorial, exercises of practical life, mathematics, language, sciences. The curriculum provides child with opportunities to exercise freedom of choice, freedom of work and an ample space to enhance creative, socio-economic skills.

  1. What if we get stuck during implementation of curriculum at any point in time?

The resources that we would be providing you through our lesson plans, videos, teacher’s planner will hand hold you in all the areas of implementation of the curriculum. Apart from what has been provided if you have any practical issues or any behavioral issues of child or concerns of parents etc. you can contact us at any point in time.

  1. Do you Follow Mixed age group & Age wise Classroom Concept?

The Curriculum developed by us requires all age children to work in one classroom. This mixed age pooling helps child to interact with all age group children. A child of 2 ½ year old child will observe the elder child doing activities and learn from him and similarly a 3 ½ year old child will observe a 2 ½ year old child doing activities and recollect and remembers the work he had done earlier thus not forgetting the concepts. Also a elder child can help smaller child in doing few activities. These interactions will enhance the social behavior, sharing, caring, leadership skills, etc..

  1. When would be the break-even point?

The Solution offered by us is very cost effective model which brings down your overall cost of setting up Preschool. Also Since there is No Royalty and other expenditure which you otherwise spend through a Branded school, The overall running cost is very low. Hence you should be able to achieve Break-even at earliest when compared to others. As all the Support provided us in setting up, marketing support, training, you can focus more on Handling parents and getting admissions.

  1. What are the legal requirements?

The Legal requirements for preschool is very less and hence easy to run the preschool business. There are currently no licenses or NOC or approvals required from the Local Education department or Ministry. However following minimum legal requirements needs to be complied with

  1. The Property tax has to be converted to commercial instead of domestic
  2. Trade License to be obtained from Local corporation and has to be displayed prominently in the premises
  3. Water & Electricity to be converted to commercial from domestic.

Please note that these may change from time to time and state to state. Hence we advise you to Contact either a chartered accountant or local education department to get more clarifications.

  1. Do I need to have any child education related background?

It is preferable as an owner of the preschool you do have an experience or have gone through training programmes related to Early Childhood Education but it is not a necessary.

The basic requirements in India for a preschool teacher are listed below -

  • Teacher: Minimum Degree with Experience in handling pre-primary kids. Preferably candidates with pre-primary / Montessori training certificate
  • Assistant teacher : Minimum 12th and should have undergone pre-primary teacher training

However, passion for being with children is a most needed requirement for anyone working with children. Also, patience and sense of humor is a greatly appreciated quality of a teacher.


Training Related –

  1. What all would be covered under training?

Under the training the following aspects would be covered –

  • Montessori Training
  • Multiple Intelligence Training
  • Other aspects such as parents workshops for marketing your brand and other related aspects would be covered in the training programme.
  1. What if my teacher’s needed additional help even after the training?

Our training is planned in such a way it would effectively suffice all the needs for the teacher to understand and implement the curriculum smoothly. Incase, there are any issues that the school/teacher faces with regards to the curriculum, you can always contact us.

  1. Is there an option of not going for training? I am already experienced (or trained) in early education/ Montessori trained – do I still need to get trained?

Yes, you would still need to undergo the training as it would help you in understanding the curriculum and successful implementation of the same. Your background and experience would definitely add value.

  1. What if we need additional training for the teachers recruited later on? Would you be assisting us on it?

The software, videos and all our resources are designed in such a way that you can train your teachers at any given point of time. Our curriculum is designed in such a way that it makes schools self-reliant, empowered and be equipped with all the tools needed for future.

Set up related –

  1. How competitive is this field? What kind of support you can offer for us to sustain?

We would be keeping you abreast with all the latest developments and changes that are needed in the curriculum through the software. We would keep you continuously updated on all the latest happenings in the field of education which will empower you be competitive.

  1. Why should I opt for your solution?

Our solution provides you with a wide range of aspects that ensures you are all set to start the preschool. We provide you all the support starting from materials, curriculum, marketing support, recruitment, training teachers, setting up of the school, day-to-day working of the school through the software. We would also be supporting you by keeping you updated on latest trends in education. All this support comes to you with a reasonable initial cost of setting up the school. There are no royalty or any other charges that you have to bear in future for using our curriculum. This would ensure that you break even soon and reap the benefits at the earliest.

  1. What are the packages you offer & the cost of the package?

The preschool segment is divided into 2-4 Years & 2-6 Years. You have following options to start a preschool

  1. Start 2-4 Years initially and then upgrade 4-6 Years
  2. You can start directly 2-6 Years.

The Cost of our solution will be ranging from 2 Lakhs to 5.5 Lakhs depending upon the age group & package you select. Please contact us for More details on the packages and its cost

  1. What all does your package include?

The package includes, Curriculum, Educational Materials, Work Books, Work sheets, Diary, Teacher planner, Videos, Software for assessment & Report, Laptop, Music system, Rhymes & Songs CD’s, Furniture, Play equipments, Support on Branding & Marketing, Teachers training & a Continuous online support. For the exact details of Various packages and its content, Please contact for more details.

Teachers/Recruitment related –

  1. Would you help us in recruiting of teachers?

Yes, we would help you in recruiting teachers initially and also guide you on the future recruitment process.

  1. What according to you should the teacher’s be proficient at?

The basic requirements in India for a preschool teacher are listed below -

  • Teacher: Minimum Degree with Experience in handling pre-primary kids. Preferably candidates with pre-primary / Montessori training certificate
  • Assistant teacher : Minimum 12th and should have undergone pre-primary teacher training

However, passion for being with children is a most needed requirement for anyone working with children. Also, patience and sense of humor is a greatly appreciated quality of a teacher.

  1. What should be the student/teacher ratio?

Teacher and child ratio ideally should be 1:12. You can go upto 1:14 ratio

  1. Does your curriculum include assessments and reports? How do you assess the children?

Yes, assessments and reports are part of our software. The software is designed in such a way that it not only assesses the child in his/her overall development but also simplifies the job of teacher helping her to focus on giving various exposures and opportunities to bring out the best in the child. The assessment helps parents to understand the skills, strengths and potential of their child.

  1. Would you be also covering the aspects of how to address behaviorial issues of child for teacher’s to be aware?

Our training programme provides teacher’s guidance on understanding the child’s psychology and their developmental needs which would help you to handle any behaviourial issues that you might face in future. You could contact us for any additional guidance and support in future.    

  1. Is there any Royalty which needs to be paid to you

This is a royalty free Model.