Kidken Montessori Home Kits

Get Montessori Home Kits for your children and help them learn various skills in a fun and curious way.

Montessori Inspired

The kits are Montessori Inspired and help develop crucial educational and developmental skills like problem solving, dimensions, language, math etc.

Make Learning Fun

The kits come with easy instructions for parents to follow. The materials foster curiosity and let's children work with them for a long period of time.

Carefully Designed Kits

The kits are carefully designed based on the appropriate age and milestone of children so that children learn the skills which will foster their development.

Montessori Home Kit 1

Home Kit 1

For ages 2.5 to 4 Years

Motor Skills

Foster tripod grip for holding pencil, fine and gross motor skills.

Sensorial Refinement

Learn Colors, understand dimensions, perception (like small, large etc) and refine their tactile skills


Teach language to children using Montessori Movable Alphabets and Phonics.


Teach numbers with conceptual material so that children can associate numbers with quantity

Montessori Home Kit 2

Home Kit 2

For ages 4 to 5 Years


This kit fosters Geometric skills like various shapes (Rectangular Shapes, Curvilinear Shapes, Triangles etc.)


Children love to learn about the world. Introduce maps to children so they understand the world around them.


Introduce other languages to children. Children start to practice writing.


Introduce operations to children like Addition, Multiplication using concrete material so that they don't learn math by rote learning.

Montessori Home Kit 3

Home Kit 3

For ages 5 to 6 Years


Let children practice Addition, Multiplication, Subtraction and Division

Skip Couting

Children will learn how to Skip Count and gain a basic understanding of tables.


With grammar material, children will learn English grammar to reinforce writing and reading.


Introduce the concept of Fractions to children easily with Conceptual Montessori Material.