Human being is a social person and has a tendency to communicate ideas to others and to receive them too. Language is not only meant for communication but also a means to serve in enriching the human culture further. The child starts absorbing this cultural element since it is spoken in the environment. To become conscious of any of his conquests the child needs educational help rendered consciously and deliberately. Language is divided into three areas: Speaking, Writing and Reading. Speech develops naturally in a child. From 2 to 6 years of age, the child at his/her sensitive period for language and is said to have an “Absorbent Mind”. Therefore, the purpose of the language activities is largely to cultivate reading and writing. This begins with phonetic introduction of the alphabet with the use of sandpaper letters. The child then starts ‘Words Building’ with moveable alphabets and will soon begin to read.

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Sandpaper Letters Capital

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Moveable Alphabet Print

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Sentence Box Set of 3

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Sandpaper Letters Hindi

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Filler Boxes set of 35

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Noun and Verb Solids

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Adjective Material

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The Farm

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