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Object Permanence Box With Bin

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As child progresses and learns about object permanence, the box with bins acts as a step further.
Here, the draws help in concealing the object – revisiting the object permanence concept and child has to pull the draw to take the object out.
Objects are placed within the box and the infant has to remove the object from the box.

This placing of object, pulling the draw, enhances child’s grip, wrist movements plus the eye hand coordination.
The complexity can be gradually increased by putting more objects in the three bins.
The material also provides in a scope of child’s primary colour recognition skills. Further, different coloured objects to be placed in different draws can add to the progression of the child.

Hence, you can see how this material offers a variety of exposures and objectivity for children.
The material includes a box with three drawers which are hinged and which arch out of the box.
This is made of Beech ply wood and is finished beautifully.


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