Pink Tower – Teak wood


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OBJECTIVE: This is a set of 10 cubes to introduce the child to volumetric variations for children. Judging sizes leads to developing a child’s visual, muscular perception,fine motor skills including eye and hand coordination happens.

DESCRIPTION:The cubes as you see are in different dimensions in terms of length and height.  While the child is exploring to stack these cubes one upon the other, the child is experiencing the holding of the cubes using different grips of the thumb, index and middle fingers. The evident pincer grip is developed with this material. Repeated explorations of this material, a child gets to understand the precise positioning of each cube in order to stack them with different dimensions. You see the muscular memory being gradually developed based on space. This material also provides an introduction to mathematics with different aspects like comparison, seriation, grading, and cubes.

MATERIAL MAKE UP:The wooden cubes are painted in pink colour using high quality PU paints, enabling a long life of the cubes. The dimensions vary from 1 cm3 to 10 cm3. Teak wood is used as a base material
Dimensional accuracy and precision is maintained.All the cubes are solid and ensure the weight difference is uniform.


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