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MATERIAL DESCRIPTION: Wooden board 12 squares by 18 squares with the numerals 1-18 printed across the top.
1 zip lock cover contains 9 red wooden strips and 9 blue wooden strips both printed with the numerals 1 to 9.
1 zip lock cover contains 18 grey color wooden strips of varying lengths.

BENEFITS: Red, blue Strips 1-9 digits, used for the calculation of addition and subtraction numbers on the subtraction board, the grid on the subtraction board, a grid representing 1, the number of wooden strips and the bottom of the grid Correspondence, making it easier for children to understand and perform calculations.

Using the Subtraction Strip Board, the child practices the equations of the subtraction tables 1-18. Grey wooden strips corresponding in length to the squares 1-18 are used to indicate the number to subtract from (minuend)and one set of blue strips used to subtract with (subtrahend). A set of red strips is included for further explorations.

Subtraction: subtract the two numbers, remove the latter number from the former number, and how much is left, use the grid to count the number, let the children learn more easily, such as 13-8=?

A Must have Teaching aid for your child to make maths learning fun. develops proper understanding of concept of Subtraction. Give different Problems of subtraction, make child use the board and strips to calculate using this board.
The child by doing repeatedly uses all the five senses and gets stored in the brain and he will never forget in future.

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