What We Do - PreSchool Setup

Are you a new teacher who is wondering how to set up a preschool classroom? Or have you been in your setting for a while and want to make some changes? KidKen is the one stop solution for preschool setup. We guarantee the overall development and improvement of the child by providing a complete solution for a preschool setup.

Preschool setup

We offer a well-researched and structured curriculum integrating the Montessori method, Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence, Bloom’s Taxonomy, and John Dewey’s Thematic Approach. All these methods are integrated and given in the form of activities to be done day-wise, weekly-wise and monthly for different age groups. The syllabus for Playgroup, Nursery, LKG and UKG will be given and the progress of observing children for various activities is specified for the teachers. Videos of working with materials are provided.

The books will be provided as a part of the package and based on the activities done by the child in the classroom. It is an act of recording the learning’s and observations done by the child in the classroom. And it helps us that the child has understood the concept and acts as a way of communicating the activities covered in the classroom with the parents. It completes the LEARNING CIRCLE.

Software is a comprehensive library of the curriculum, consisting detailed topic description in graphics, audio, video and pdf built with an instructor-led design on every concept mapped to the curriculum books. Teachers can easily access it anywhere and teach in the classroom as it explains difficult concepts with ease.

This comprehensive library is aggregated and continuously updated through ongoing development at the corporate office.

Benefit from easy to use, assessment tools and capture learning as it happens naturally through play. It reduces the work of teachers and helps them in the better understanding of the child’s learning patterns with the convenience of a click.

The software is also a professionally designed skill based assessment system that identifies the student’s potential, and inspires and nurtures the learner to excel. The system focuses on helping the students in achieving success in their chosen field through a series of assessments. The assessment system helps in assessing the child in academic competency in related areas, helps a child to work on weak areas, and develop skills.

All the Montessori materials required for implementing the curriculum is provided to you. A detailed presentation on how to use, when to use is provided to you. The sequence and the continuity of the activities are given in a detailed way. All the videos for using the materials are given as a part of learning software. The activities have been designed according to the developmental needs of the child.

Teacher training, creates a culture change from the beginning because teachers settle into patterns of behavior.

BASIC TRAINING 1: Training on Montessori and Multiple Intelligence methodology. Training to get started with the software for managing day-to-day activities. And also, setting up the Environment.

BASIC TRAINING 2: Individualizing the curriculum according to the needs of the developmental stages of the child. Thematic approach for covering all the Multiple Intelligence and parameters for the skill development in the children through lot of group activities.

BASIC TRAINING 3: Parent orientation to handle the queries of the parents effectively and improving the conversion ratio. Training on the recording of your observations of the child’s work and entering in the assessment software.

You will get play equipment’s like a slide, rockers, Dog on wheels, parachute play, Rope ladder, Balancing beam for physical development and team building activities.

All the storage shelves required to store all the materials is provided by us. Books, Reference Books and relevant learning books you can store in the book rack. It gives a colorful and vibrant look for your classrooms and ads to its ambience. Colorful tables and chairs will be provided by us to enhance the look of the classroom.

All the accessories required for carrying on the activities in a safe and systematic way will be provided by us.

Logo, Banners, Admission Forms, Receipt Forms, brochures, newspaper advertisement, mailers, etc are included in marketing support.

We will provide with the best expert knowledge in designing all the marketing materials to convey the advantages of following our curriculum to the parents. This will enable you in propagating your school in the vicinity and enrollments will follow. We will train you how to handle enquiries, PARENT ORIENTATION PROGRAM to get admissions flows.
We even guide on admission campaign strategy

  • A teacher planner is provided so that the smooth running of the class happens.
  • Contact person at the KIDKEN Head office for resolving queries.
  • Setting up the school.
  • Parents communicator
  • Assistance in the appointment of staff.