Company Profile

From schools to skills; over a decade, KIDKEN has empowered over millions of learners and educators across over 3000+ schools to imagine think and create a better future.

Started in the year 2004 with a focus on providing high-quality Montessori materials & Preschool toys. Our presence in each of the education verticals is marked with manufacture and supply of high quality and affordable Montessori classroom materials, Playschool materials and wooden teaching aids and structured processes that come together to deliver unmatched value. We are certified to ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004 International Certifications thus making a natural choice for all educational products. Kidken offers various products and services as listed below

    a. Manufacture of Montessori materials, Preschool toys, School furniture & Play equipment’s.
    b. Complete preschool setup with end to end solution

Montessori Materials, Preschool ToysToys

Kidken is a manufacturer and supplier of high quality & affordable Montessori equipment, Montessori classroom materials, Play school Materials, Wooden teaching aids. We have been supplying wooden educational materials such as Montessori materials, Montessori equipment’s, Montessori activity Materials, Sensorial learning material, Montessori Apparatus, Mathematics material, Language material, Geography materials, Zoology materials, Botany materials, Curriculum support materials, Play school material, Montessori classroom material, Montessori Furniture, Play school furniture, Wooden toys, Play school toys, Nursery school materials, Kindergarten Materials, to Montessori house of children and other educational institutions in India and Asia. We boast about being the largest supplier of Wooden Montessori materials in India and are also linked with several prestigious chains of schools.

Our learning aids are manufactured in compliance to international teaching standards. Our educational products are used in kindergartens, play homes, organizations for the mentally/physically challenged children, and by parents alike. These products are designed and manufactured according to Maria Montessori laid specifications and suggestions given by educational experts to offer an excellent base for educating the child. They are used for learning a variety of concepts pertaining to language development, alphabet, counting, and color identification, eye-hand co-ordination and for a variety of other functions.


Our state of art manufacturing process involves cutting on CNC, woodworking machines and premium quality spray painting. We use wood working machinery to achieve accuracy and precision required for production of Montessori materials. Best spray painting methods are followed to get long lasting paint finish. Laser machine is used to get perfect cut and achieve high accuracy and precision. We use high quality wood such as Teakwood, Beech wood, hard board, MDF, etc. We also have spacious warehouses that are well stocked enabling us to deliver bulk orders quickly and proficiently.

Customer experience

At Kidken EDU Solution, we always welcome feedback from our clients, which enable us to perform better. Because of our excellent customer service and honesty towards manufacturing quality products, we have secured a long list of clients.

The customer when purchases one of our products or services, they trusts us to stand by our commitments and we take that responsibility very seriously. Our commitment to our customers helps them make progress reaching their learner goals.

Preschool Set up

Out of the experience of supplying Montessori & early childhood materials to various preschools & Montessori schools, Kidken has now developed a unique service of providing complete setup of preschool covering end to end solution comprising of curriculum, books, teaching aids, training, etc. For more details click on Services

Imparting sound education is one of the most complex and difficult issue of modern times. It is not just a local or a national concern but a subject of great deliberation worldwide. Technology and globalization have no doubt made life much easier; however, education remains largely in a grey area.

The change in education cannot be brought about only by introducing technology or changing the curriculum design. It is very important that we train our teachers to help them implement methods which would make learning fun and exciting thereby improving the retention capacity of the child. Also, the curriculum must be modified in a manner that it is interesting and exciting for the school going children.

Our bouquet of software and supplemental education solutions is consistently reaching out to students and teachers with innovative solutions leveraging the best of methodology. The making of KIDKEN is a story of building equity across the education value chain; of being the change that is needed in the world of education, to ignite the fire of learning and the desire to teach, impacting entire communities, and changing lives of millions of students and teachers and showing what learning is.

If you want to make a measurable difference to your children’s education, KIDKEN is the place to be. At KIDKEN, we are genuinely passionate about making a quality education accessible to every child in the world.

One of the vital measures of success for our products is whether they provide learners with the skills they need to succeed in the next stage of their learning, career, or life journey. In recent years it has become increasingly clear that basic reading, writing, and arithmetic, while essential, are not necessarily enough.

The importance of non-cognitive skills – usually defined as abilities important for social interaction, such as creativity, critical thinking, grit, and communication – is also interpersonal and intrapersonal.

Our products and services are based on deep research about the needs of learners, effective teaching and learning methods. We share our insights with others in order to raise the bar in education and improve standards everywhere.

Lack of access to quality education is a global challenge that impacts both developing and developed economies. Two huge barriers that we are determined to address are the affordability of products and services, and their accessibility to those with special needs.

By offering a portfolio of affordable, accessible products and services across multiple platforms, we hope to access new business opportunities and create the foundation for lifelong learners who see KIDKEN as a partner to meeting their education needs.


“To Touch Every Child’s Education Life through our Products & Services”.

There are a lot of schools starting every year without having the knowledge what is required for the overall development of the child in the changing scenario in the education sector. Our experience of handling schools since last decade made us to design a curriculum which matches with technological up gradations happening in the education sector.

Our aim is to help children around the world to reach their learning potential and prepare them for future success in further education and in the workplace. What we need is to adopt new ways and new patterns of teaching so that a transformative education is provided. The child has to work in various areas designed in an innovative way so that the objectives of the curriculum can be met.


What we expect from our children is what we create for them. Hence, the vision to which we align our efforts is the most important trigger for change. Our high quality materials and processes coupled with our sincerity and passion is what makes us confident of achieving our goals and making our vision a reality.

We produce products and services that have a positive impact on learning. That’s why we combine research into our products right from the start. Then we strive to rigid research methods that provide insights into the impact of our products. We also ask our customers to understand what works in practice. All of this enables us to generate claims about a product’s impact on learner outcomes.

Our partnership with schools, helps us to make child education more approachable, productive, attainable, and affordable to learners by providing products and services.

Over the years, we have worked closely with students and educators to track learning gains, holding ourselves responsible for not just the products we make but also for the learning gains. We are uniquely positioned to leverage, and continue to advanced improvements in the use of data, analytics and adaptive learning to provide unprecedented insights into how students learn. Our learners aren’t just another stakeholder group for us – they are the very reason why we exist as a company.

We have come up with an integrated, innovative, transformative, wholesome curriculum for the new age child to face the new challenges in future. We help to deliver successful teaching and learning in a number of ways, including the direct delivery of learning, provision of learning services, assessments, to reform school systems to improve learner outcomes. The child should realize his true potential and this will be achieved through our curriculum.


Breaking new ground in education requires passionate and committed teams as well as partnerships with educators. At KIDKEN we’ve recruited top talent, our Research leaders and their teams bring global expertise in research shaped by a mission to evidence the impact of educational products and services so that we can ensure that more learners are learning more.


Our commitment and sincerity in defining what learning can be, is what sets us apart. We are a team of high-quality educational professionals, with a deep commitment to learn and teach, to help schools, teachers, students, governments, and other stakeholders and thus improve the education scenario. A testimony to the cohesive work environment and team bonding is the fact that a large majority of our leadership team has been with the company for over a decade.