Montessori is a method of education developed by an Italian educationist Dr. Maria Montessori and is based on self-directed activity, hands-on-learning and collaborative play. We follow authentic Montessori Method in our curriculum and we use all the pure Montessori materials developed by Dr. Maria Montessori to develop the following skills in the children:

EPL : EPL are simple, clear purposeful and are easily understood by the child. It help the child with greater independence with regards to taking care of himself, environment, social behavior and physical elementary movements.

Sensorial: Sensorial materials are scientifically prepared instruments to help the child become conscious of physical properties of a matter. The sensorial materials are capable of activating the intelligence, will and the voluntary movements.

Mathematics: Montessori believed that children have mathematical minds and she revolutionized the way in which mathematics is taught. She developed wonderful set of materials which presents the mathematical concept in a very concrete form followed by the abstract written version. The activities provide opportunities to the child to have a clear concept of numbers, their symbols, the law of decimal system, arithmetic operations and much more.

Language: Language and literacy is important in children overall thought and learning development. We begin to teach the language through the phonetic sound of the letter, rhymes, then we move on to word building and recognition and then book reading. One of the wonder for children and teachers when the children put their thoughts on paper by explosion into writing the letters.

Cultural Studies: Montessori saw that young children were full of curiosity and loved exploring new things for themselves. There are various materials which allows the children to explore biology, geography, simple science, zoology and history.