Our popular range of Products – Premium Range is a High quality Montessori equipments which is strictly meeting the Montessori Laid specifications. Premium range products are made using High End machineries to achieve the Precision & Accuracy. These are manufactured using carefully selected timbers, MDF, Hard board to maintain the High quality. All the Solid wood products such as Cylinder Blocks, Pink tower, Brown stairs, Red rods, etc.. are made of teak wood to get the ultimate finish and durability. Teak wood is seasoned for atleast 18months before it is taken for processing thereby eliminating possibility of warpage or distortion. The boxes are made of high quality Timber and polished to achieve excellent finish and life. PU Paints are used on Pink Tower, Red rods, Number rods, etc.. to avoid chipping of paints. All the paints used are Lead free, Low VOC and complying to EN 71-3 standards.

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    3 Shapes Puzzle

    3 Shapes Puzzle – The board provides introduction to different shapes and the child needs to place the right shape in the right insert.

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    4 Row Bead Frame

    This consists of four horizontal bars on wooden frame, which stands freely by itself. There are 10 beads each strung through each of these bars. The beads are colour coded to represent units, tens, hundreds, and
    thousands. Along the left side of the frame reading from top to bottom the symbols 1, 10, 100, 1000 are printed.

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    5-shape Puzzle

    5-shape Puzzle – A wooden puzzle with five different shape puzzle. Has a big knob for easy holding for a toddler

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    7 Row Bead Frame

    A wooden frame with 7 horizontal rows of beads from top to down in succession of green, blue, red, and
    green. There are10 beads in each row. The frame is marked on the left with numbers: 1,10, 100, 1000,
    10,000, 100,000, 1,000,000 against each row of beads. The frame is extremely well balanced.

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    Addition Snake Game

    This set includes the following: Box 1 – 5 sets of coloured bead bars from 1 to 9. Box 2 – 20 golden bead bars. Box 3 – A set of black and white bead bars from 1 to 9
    To help the child concentrate on basic combination around addition

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    Addition Strip Board inc Strips Tray

    A board 12 squares by 18 squares with the numerals 1-18 printed across the top. A wooden box contains 9 red wooden strips and 9 blue wooden strips of varying lengths both printed with the numerals 1 to 9.
    1. To provide experience in addition of numerals. 2. To give the child concrete experience in addition.

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    Adjective Material

    Adjective Material demonstrates the function of the adjective as the describing word. The set contains the 7 different types of triangles, each in 3 colors and each in 3 sizes (63 triangles total) in a Polished box with lid.

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    Area Apparatus

    A set of 2 boxes containing hardboard wooden pieces to construct figures like rectangle, square, triangle. There are squares printed on each of the shapes to calculate areas.
    To help the child calculate the area of geometrical shapes

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    Arrows for complete bead material

    A wooden box having ten shelfs for ten different colours of arrows each colour having squares of numbers 1 to 10.

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    Arrows, squares & chains with stand

    The set includes: 1. A set of short chains made of coloured bead bars of denominations 1 – 10. Each chain has as many bars as the bars have beads on them. 2. Corresponding to each chain, there is a square made of the same number of coloured beads. 3. A box of arrows giving the multiples of the numbers from 1 to 10. 4. A wooden stand to hang the short chains.

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    Balls with filter

    Material consists of Small Plastic Balls, Small Plastic Bowls & Filter to introduce the child to practical life concepts

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    Balls with plucker

    Material consists of Small Plastic Balls, Small Plastic Bowls & Plucker to introduce the child to practical life concepts