Kidken Montessori is an all in one solution for modern preschool education. These toys are a wholesome guide to basic arithmetic or mathematics concepts such as numbers, shapes, geometrical solid shapes, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. At Kidken we help you buy safe and long lasting toys for play school children. We have an array of play school material for play school children. This will help them in knowing the numbers, addition, subtraction and knowing different geometric shapes. The products which are on sale in this category are well equipped for children in play school. In geometrical solid product like subtraction puzzle, spindle boxes, abacus hundreds, abacus thousands, inclined plane, pegboard big and small, colored geometrical solids, geometrical shapes, geometric fraction board, toys to teach kids shapes are toys that will help play school children learn about the geometric solids shapes.

Play school toys like 1 to 10 counting rings, geometrical shapes, table top abacus, Chinese abacus, timeline calendar, number tower, shape posting hut, table top clock, addition and subtraction puzzle, fraction puzzle of varying sizes, wooden shape puzzle, number with picture puzzle, 0 to 9 puzzle, 1-20 number puzzle, 1-9 number with mathematics sign puzzle, number puzzle with nature, count and match number jigsaw puzzle, number train puzzle, 1-5 counting rings, 1-10 counting with number, sand paper numbers, caterpillar number 123 puzzle, hanging number rods helps in learning. Using these math solid shapes toys, children will learn about the number system, how to add and subtract with numbers.

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