Children’s musical toys and instruments are more than just fun—they’re essential tools for cognitive and social development. Studies show that music can enhance memory and concentration, while also providing an outlet for self-expression and stress relief. By engaging with musical toys, children can improve their listening and social skills, learn discipline, and develop teamwork abilities.

Kidken offer a wide range of options including drums, bells, rattles, egg shakers, maracas, clappers, tambourines, and more. Our Musical toys are predominantly crafted from high-quality wood, with a few plastic options available. We believe that music is crucial for every child’s growth and happiness, which is why we provide top-quality products at highly affordable prices. Join us in fostering a love for music and promoting holistic development in every child.


Montessori Schools have largely started using our Musical Toys/Instruments to introduce basic Musical lessons to kids thereby giving exposure to Music.

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