Puppets helps in improving communication skills, social skills, creative skills and language skills. Kids find it easier to talk to others using puppets. This lets them open up by giving them the confidence as they disguise themselves in the role of the puppet. Puppets help shy kids in interacting with other kids and adults. Puppets help in shaping hearing and speaking skills of children. Puppets are a great way for kids to deal with their fears and frustrations.

Puppets help build imagination, creative skills and let your kid be more artistic. Puppet plays not only fun in nature, but these help in the better growth of your child. This lets your child create a story and narrate using the puppet with actions. This helps them bridge between reality and fantasy. Puppet play helps to build your child’s reading, vocabulary, storytelling skills this helps them in learning new words and what they mean using actions. Puppet play can get more creative as you guide your child and bring in drama, mystery and frictional stories.

Our website offers you a variety of hand puppets for kids to play with like finger puppets, bird puppets, animal puppets, hand glove puppets and many more.

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