Puzzle is a game which tests the thinking, questioning and reasoning ability; hence they are the best brain activity for kids. It helps them to be a better at problem solving in a logical manner. Puzzles help built physical skills, cognitive skills and emotional skills. This is great form of entertainment as it brings in loads of fun and also helps increase the IQ of your child. We provide you with high quality and affordable wooden puzzle equipment for your child.

We have a wide range of wooden puzzle, jigsaw puzzle, bird puzzle, animal puzzle etc for kids. We offer you these colorful puzzles on variety of topics for higher brain development. They helps build your child’s physical skill like hand eye coordination, gross motor skills and fine motor skills. Puzzles not only strengths the brain but also lets your child be more creative and develop patience. It makes them think on multiple factors like: understanding the color, size recognition, problem solving, and the design of the wooden block to see which piece fits best in the puzzle.

Our puzzle section also includes inset boards; they vary in size and shape. These boards are on different topics like fish, animals, birds, vegetables, flowers and so on. Puzzles come in two varieties – with Knob and without Knob. Knobbed puzzles will help child indirectly in developing pencil holding skills & effect writing skills as well. Puzzles without knob will helps child to develop motor skills.