Cylinder Blocks – Budget Range


Cylinder Blocks Budget Range

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The cylinder blocks are a set of four blocks made out of Beachwood. Each of these blocks is a rectangular prism with concave faces to facilitate firm holding.

Wondering on the purpose of these blocks? They help the child in getting  used to pincer grip. The pincer grip as you are aware becomes a foundation to writing at a later stage – holding pencils.

Look at them visually and you would notice the discrimination of sizes is evident. Child gets the first stage of being able to visually discriminate the dimensions and as child’s competency grows he/she would begin to differentiate it with the touch.

Cylinder blocks also play a pivotal role in understanding mathematics and language as child explores them further – height and diameter become part of the explorations.

The surfaces are highly polished. Each block has 10 sockets and there are 40 knobbed cylinders that fit into these sockets. The knobs are the pencil grip type.


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