English Alphabet Cut-Outs-Small


English Alphabet Cut-Outs-Small

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Wooden cut outs in the shapes of print alphabet. It helps child learn the shapes of the alphabet. The alphabet cut outs can be used to form simple words.
Wooden English Alphabet cutouts is beautifully handcrafted to teach children forming words using phonetic method.   After the child has worked with the sandpaper letters or carving alphabets, the alphabet cutouts are used as next step in the acquisition of language skills.
The vowels are painted in blue and the consonants in pink color which is the universal color of alphabets for Montessori  method.  By working constantly with this material the child will discover that all the words are made of vowels and constants and every word compulsorily is having  vowels in them.
We follow the scientific way for manufacturing all our educational products so that the child learn the concept with ease and build his solid future on his own.  This product teaches the first part of your language quest, suggest to go with sentence box for the next stage of learning of sentence formation.
And of course we use child friendly  raw materials for a safe play for your child and  pass the toy to other child after your child outgrows the educational toy to give room to other toys from our range.
Care Instructions: After the work with the educational toy let the child assemble  all the alphabet cutouts  without missing any components and store the toy in the designated place .  By doing this regularly the child will value the product and learns taking care of her belongings.
Materials:  MDF{Medium Density Fiberboard}, eco friendly paints .
Weight:  0.10 kg
Age:  4+ yrs
Dimensions: 13.00 x 8.00 x 12.00 cm
Warning:  Keep away from the children below 15 months.


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