Geography Land Form Cards 12 Forms

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MATERIAL DESCRIPTION: A set of 12 3D moulds with the different landforms depicted through them. Brown represents land and blue represents water. The landforms are: Lake, Island, Strait, Isthmus, Peninsula, Cape, Delta, Cove, Bay, Gulf, Promontory, River. The 3D moulds are designed to hold water to practically demonstrate the land and water forms to children
1.This educational toy can cultivate children’s interest in learning and desire for knowledge for fun and development in children by pouring water in trays and find about land and water forms sensorially
2.Ten wooden trays illustrating the different land and water form shapes with brown color  representing the land and blue smooth finish representing the water.
3.Know 12 terrains and learn about the names and styles of 12 terrains. Twelve  terrain models of lakes, islands, cape, peninsulas, bays, isthmus, straits, delta, cove, gulf, promontory, River
MATERIAL:  Montessori land and water trays  are made out of fiber and beautifully handcrafted to hold water for sensorial learning . The trays are beautifully painted following the universal color code of Montessori Method.
WORKMANSHIP: we have professional, craftsman team, who have been working for premium educational toy more than 8 years. Everyone know the detail technical process.
AFTER SALES SERVICE: we provide Spares anytime in future for nominal charges so that you can use the teaching aids for decades. We stand behind our products 100%. If you have any questions, concerns or comments please reach out. We’d love to hear from you!
Age: 6+ years
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