Pouring Activity:Copper Set


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This material is to introduce the child to practical life concepts. The set Copper containers used for pouring activities to introduce the child to practical life concepts

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DESCRIPTION : The introduction to Exercise of Practical Life concepts can start with a pouring activity. You must have noticed how young children would love to be a part of things that you do at home. Be it sweeping, cleaning, washing or any day-to-day activity, a child would be totally excited and want to do all of that. How beautiful it would be if we could give exposure to these practical experiences through our organised and stimulating environment. The set of copper containers is used for pouring activities and introduces the child to this metal. The pouring activity may appear simple to adults, but it is a child’s first step toward grasping the pouring jug, managing the weight of the jug and water inside it, and then transferring it to the glass.

OBJECTIVE :This EPL activity brings in an amazing way to work on children’s eye–hand coordination, moving the wrist and fine movements.

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