We offer wide range of preschool wooden teaching aids that are essential for any preschool. Different categories of products are sensorial, language, storytelling, mathematics, hand and eye coordination, kids puzzle, art play work, finger puppets for kids, musical instruments, charts, science, decorative items , Eva mats etc.

The sensorial educational wooden toys help in introducing the five senses to the child. In the language section we have preschool equipments that help in learning English and many Indian languages. These are interactive toys, we have puzzles, jigsaws, alphabet cut outs etc.Story telling section is a class room teaching aids like board having pictures of different stories. This helps in the growth of the child’s imagination. We have stories like the thirsty crow, lion and the mouse, hare and the tortoise, fox and the grapes, foolish goats etc. We have a mathematics section which has wooden toys useful for play school children to learn about numbers and on addition and subtraction. We have different teaching aids to introduce geometrical shapes, for a better understanding of the volume, mass, diameter, thickness etc.

We have wooden educational aids that help the hand and eye coordination of the child, puzzles, art play work like hammer peg, bead traveler, threading shapes, motor and pestle, lacing shoe, tool box, puzzle parts of the face, life story of frog, farm puzzle, parts of the body puzzle, lacing shapes, family stencil, domestic animal stencil, transport stencil, fruit stencil etc. the control of eye movement and hand movement, its coordination with each other. The child’s vision and their input in grasping the object with this coordination are essential for the growing child. Hand and finger puppets help in the developing creative and building social skills. The child will find it easier to speak out using the puppets. Musical instruments help in the growth of the child’s memory and also to sharpen their hearing and concentration skills. We have charts with information on different flower, vegetables, fruits, animals, birds. For children who are older than the play school children we have charts on life cycle of butterfly, mosquito, amoeba, frog etc.Science section is for kids to get in-depth knowledge in science. Full sizes board about the human body. And our decorative section is cut outs of alphabet, numbers, objects, fruits, vegetables etc. we also have a section play school Eva mats having useful information printed on them, a visual treat for kids.