Brown Stairs – Teak wood – Polished


Brown  Stairs Teak Wood Polished

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The Brown Stair is often combined with the Pink Tower for visual sensorial extension activities.

Child can use two hands to pick up the largest prism and use his/her one hand for the smaller ones. Later, the smallest prism fits on top of each stair of each level

The brown stairs exposure brings in awareness and understanding about dimensions.

The visual perception enhances along with muscular feel of differences in size.

This material part of the sensorial objectivity brings in the materialized abstraction concept.

The Math readiness-emphasis on 1 through 10 and the relationship of square numbers 1 through 10 and many more complex math concepts can be bought in through this material.

Brown Stairs has a set of 10 brown cuboids that demonstrates changes in 2 dimensions, i.e., width and height, while the length remains constant.

The rectangular prisms vary in area from 1cm2 to 10 cm2 while the length remains unchanging at 20cm.

Each stair represents a number in the progression of 1cm2.


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