Preschool Curriculum

Kidken offers Preschool curriculum for Nursery, Playgroup, LKG, and UKG. The Montessori Education is a Revolution in Education. It is a departure from all the traditional methods of teaching. And it’s unique in various aspects and the definition itself is unique in nature. It is syllabus and concept-oriented and also gives importance to the child. It is the child who is going to shape his life. Fill his head himself and expand his awareness in various aspects. The approach of the Montessori method in Kidken curriculum is to assist and help. What all we have to do is that we have to provide necessary assistance to the child, it is for him whether to take it or refuse.

Based on the  Montessori method that Active Learning by the child, and shared control by the adult, develops solid foundations for learning. A day at school will revolve around opportunities for children to make plans (choose with intention) and reflect (remember with analysis). Planning and reflections are positively and significantly related to developmental progress. Furthermore, in the curriculum, shared control is central to how Adults and Children interact. Kidken offers a supportive climate where Adults and Children share control of the learning environment.  Adult and Child are partners throughout the day.

Preschool consultants in India:

Kidken being the excellent preschool consultants in India provides the best preschool curriculum along with Montessori materials.

As Adults, we appreciate that learning comes easier when we have a strong desire to achieve a new skill. The curriculum provided offers children opportunities to make their own choices throughout the day (within carefully constructed boundaries). The adults observe the child “at play” and participate in the play, often modeling what the child is doing in order to consolidate a positive action and also offering “extensions” so the child can see where they can bring the play to. Carefully designed classrooms and play areas, along with detailed adult/child interaction strategies, allows for all children to develop as individuals.

Aims and Objectives of Preschool Curriculum

Provide children, a psychologically safe and purposeful environment that provides developmentally appropriate learning opportunities.

 To provide children with an ease of transition from the home to the play-group setting by building a sense of community.

Provide active learning in which the child, by acting on objects, materials, equipment and interacting with peoples’ idea constructs a new understanding of the environment in which they live.

 To provide learning that occurs in the context of each child’s unique characteristics, abilities and characteristics.

 To provide time for children to express and follow through on their goals and intentions with adults who become fully engaged in supporting and encouraging children to do and say things for themselves.

 That the adults in the setting will empower children to take control of their own learning by being active and participatory but also observational and reflective.

 To provide children with the skills to think and reason to become active problem solvers for life. Child to develop as individuals

 To provide a language rich environment in which the child’s personal interests questions and intentions lead to exploration, experimentation and the construction of new knowledge and understanding.

 It provides a rich framework to help your school nurture future world citizens, who are both competent and caring individuals.

What we Offer

Curriculum for Nursery, Play group, LKG and UKG

Includes Books, Diary for each child

Teacher training on use of Materials and Implementation of Curriculum

High Quality Learning Materials, Play equipments & Furniture