Sensorial Montessori Materials are materials used in the Montessori classroom that help the child develop his or her 5 senses. The materials are designed to help the child refine tactile, visual, auditory, olfactory, and gustatory senses. This is the next level of difficulty after those of practical life.

Sensorial Materials, like many other materials in the Montessori classroom, have what is called a “control of error.” This means that the child will work with the material, but will have a way for them to check their own work rather than seeking out the teacher. This is done to help promote independence on the part of the child.

We, at Kidken EDU Solution, design and manufacture sensorial materials of a wide collection, available at attractive price value.

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Pink Tower – Teak wood

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Secondary Colour Tablets

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Geometrical Solids

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Stereognostic Bag

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Fabric Boxes

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Presentation Tray

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Geometrical Cabinet

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Binomial Squares

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Touch Tablets

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Baric Tablets

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Constructive Triangles

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Thermic Tablets – Small

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Thermic Tablets – Big

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Thermic Bottles

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Tasting Bottles

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Smelling Bottles

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Binomial Cubes

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Trinomial Cubes

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Pressure Cylinders

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Blue triangles

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Mystery Bag

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Primary Colour Tablets

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Tessellation Box

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Touch Boards

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Sound Boxes

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