We at Kidken are committed to spread Montessori education movement across India. One of the Major difficulties in implementing Montessori method of education was its high cost / investments that were to be made for buying Equipments. In order to reduce the cost and at the same time not to dilute the sanctity of Montessori education, Kidken launched Budget range of Montessori equipments. This greatly has helped many schools in Rural areas as well as Urban areas to start a Montessori School and provide an affordable education to society.
Budget range of Products are produced using high end machineries to achieve the specifications. All the dimensions and specifications are maintained as in Premium range of products without compromising the specifications laid by Maria Montessori. All the solid wood products such as Cylinder blocks, Pink tower, red rods, etc.. are made of Beech wood or pine wood. All the paints used in budget range products are also eco friendly paints complying to EN71-3.

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    Addition Strip Board inc Strips Tray – BR

    A board 12 squares by 18 squares with the numerals 1-18 printed across the top. A wooden box contains 9 red wooden strips and 9 blue wooden
    strips of varying lengths both printed with the numerals 1 to 9.
    1. To provide experience in addition of

    2. To give the child
    concrete experience in addition.

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    Arrows, squares & chains with stand – BR

    The set includes: 1. A set of short chains made of coloured bead bars of denominations 1 – 10. Each chain has as many bars as the bars have beads on them.

    2. Corresponding to each chain, there is a square made of the same number of coloured beads.

    3. A
    box of arrows giving the multiples of the numbers from 1 to 10. 4. A wooden stand to hang the short chains.

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    Bead Material for Seguin’s Teen Board – BR

    The bead material for seguin teen board consists of 9 golden tens and one each of the colour bead bars from 1 to 9. This allows the child to form all the numbers from 11 to 19.
    The ten bars and the coloured bead bars create teen quantities and helps to associate the quantity and the symbol.

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    Bead Material for Seguin’s Ten Board – BR

    The material consists of one box containing 45 golden bead bars of ten and 45 unit golden beads
    Bead quantities are created from the ten bars and unit beads and are associated with the corresponding numerals on the tens board

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    Binomial Squares – Budget Range

    A Teakwood box containing 4 2- dimensional pieces to represent the formula (a b)2 =a2 b2 2ab. The lid is printed with the corresponding colours of red, blue and black to help the children assemble the pieces.

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    Botany Cabinet – BR

    A teak finish cabinet with 3 drawers containing 14 leaf shape insets and frames. Frames are painted with
    Yellow colour & Insets are Painted with Green Colour
    Introduce botany and botanical name to the child

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    Botany Form Cards & Cabinet – BR

    Botany Form Cards and Cabinet is A polished cabinet with 3 compartments containing 14 hardboard cards. These hard board cards are painted in white color and 14 leaf shapes are printed in green colour. The cards are printed in full figures, thick outlines and thin outlines corresponding to Shapes of leaf shapes.

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    Brown Stairs – Budget Range

    This is a set of 10 brown cuboids that demonstrates changes in 2 dimensions, ie, width and height, while the length remains constant. The rectangular prisms vary in area from 1cm2 to 10 cm2 while the length remains unchanging at 20cm. Each stair represents a number in the progression of 1cm2. Teak Wood is

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    Cards and Counters – BR

    The set includes a box with lid containing 55 wooden counters and cards printed from 1 – 10.
    In the final stage of number work 1 – 10 the child applies his skills in associating quantity  and symbol by identifying and placing the numerals in their proper sequence and then associating the numbers

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    Cards for Number Rods – Budget Range

    These are cards with white background and black numbers printed on them They range from 1-10

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    Coloured Bead Stairs – BR

    A box with ten compartments, each compartment has ten bars of the same denomination  from 1-9. The second box contains 45 golden bars of 10. The material is used to introduce
    the child to multiplication.
    This material is used as an introduction to multiplication using beads for the child

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    Constructive Triangles – Budget Range

    “2 rectangular boxes 1 triangular box 1 small hexagonal box 1 large hexagonal box each containing triangles of different sizes.”